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How to Convert You tube videos to MP3 Audios

Have you ever come across such situation? You have a video, and you like the audio very much, but not the video itself. I would like to take You tube video as an example to explain the video to audio process in details.

Step 1. Install the DVD to iPad Converter
Download website:

Step2. Import video to the converter

Run Socusoft DVD to iPad Converter, click “Add Video” button to import You tube video to the video converter.

Step 3.Reset output audio parameters

Click ”Profile” box, choose the “MP3-MPEG Layer-3 Audio(*mp3)” in the “General Audio” list.

Click the “Options” button to reset the output file folder.

Step 4. Start to convert
Click “Start Encode” button to start the video to audio conversion.

Step5. Find the MP3 audio
After the conversion is completed absolutely, click the “Folder” button, and you will find the MP3 audio. You can transfer it to your device directly.

Tips: If you don’t have You tube video at hand, you can download You tube videos with the above converter for free. Please refer to Download Videos on YouTube with the DVD to iPad Converter. There is a step by step explanation.

How to Transfer DVD to iTunes

ITunes is a very important media to sync DVD to iPad or other Apple devices. If you have some knowledge about DVD to iPad converter, you will find that how to transfer DVD to iTunes plays a key role during the whole conversion. This guide will show you how to transfer DVD to iTunes with the DVD to iPad converter step by step.

Step1:Download and install iTunes player
Apple’s Official Website:

Step2:Download and install Socusoft DVD to iPad converter.
Download website:

Step3:Add DVD to the converter

Step 4.Customize output Video Parameters

Step5.Start to convert

Step6. Transfer output video to iTunes

Launch iTunes and Click “File > Add File to Library”, and then find the output file folder to add output video to iTunes library.

Step7:Play the output video
Click “Movies” in LIBRARY section, and you will see the video you just added.

Tips: I just analyzed step3 to 5 in brief. That is the process of conversion. You can refer to How to Watch DVD on iPad. There is a detailed explanation.

How to Convert DVD to New iPad on Mac?

The new iPad is the third-generation iPad. The fundamental elements of new iPad are much better than iPad2, including the display, the camera, the wireless connection, which make the hands-on experience even better. At the same time, our DVD to iPad Converter is updated with the appearance of the new iPad.

I have already talked about how to convert DVD to iPad on Windows. There is tiny difference between Mac and Windows. I’d like to show you how to convert DVD to new iPad on Mac step by step.

Step1. Download and install the DVD to new iPad Converter

Step2. Open DVD in the DVD to new iPad Converter

Run Socusoft DVD to new iPad Converter, click “DVD”button to import DVD movie to the new iPad Video Converter from DVD drive.

Step 3.Customize new iPad Video Parameters


Choose the “New iPad” in the Profile box to ensure the format of output video can match the new iPad. You also can select the language of output audio and the output subtitle according to your preference.

Step4. Start to convert

Click “Start” button to begin the conversion.

Once the conversion is completed, you will be able to find them from the output folder of the new iPad video converter. Then add the video to iTunes player. Finally, send it to your new iPad connected to the computer previously.


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