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How to share iPhone4 3G network with Wifi only iPad 2?

Suppose that you have a WIFI only iPad2, Can you access the internet even if there isn’t a Wi-Fi network?
The answer is positive, if you have a 3G iPhone4 as well. One of the new features of iOS 4.3 is the personal Hotspot. The Personal Hotspot update included in March’s iOS 4.3 update turns a 3G iPhone4 into a portable wireless router which can share its Internet connection with other devices.

Here is the guide about how to share iPhone4 3G network with Wifi only iPad 2.
1. Turn on the iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot in the Settings. Then you can set a password for the hotspot.
2. iPad2 can detect the iphone4 hotspot automatically, and you need to select it and input the password.
That’s all.  Enjoy it.

iOS hotspot feature  from

Get online in more places.
You can bring Wi-Fi with you here and there,such as On the street, at airport, at the park. Download iOS 4.3 on your iPhone4.If you can’t access to Wi-Fi but in 3G territory, with Personal Hotspot and sharing your cellular data connection with your Mac, PC, iPad, or other Wi-Fi capable device. You can share your connection with at most five devices for once over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB — with at most three of those connections using Wi-Fi.4 Every connection is password protected and secure. And it’s power friendly, too. iPhone detects when your Personal Hotspot is no longer in use and turns it off to save battery.

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How to Convert DVD to iPhone4/4S on Windows

Socusoft DVD to iPad converter is always upgraded with the development of Apple products. Since iPhone4/4S has come out, the converter has added iPhone4/4S output support as well. I would like to give a step-by-step explanation on this conversion. Apparently, there are little differences compared with the conversion of DVD to iPad.

Step 1. Install the DVD to iPad Converter
Download website:

Step2. Open DVD in the Converter

Run the DVD to iPad Converter, then click “Open DVD “button to import DVD movie to the video converter from DVD drive.

Step3.Reset the Output Parameters

Click the ”Profile” box, choose the “iPhone4/4S H.264 video” in the “iPhone4/4S” list.

Click the “Options” button to reset the output file folder in accordance with individual preference.

Step 4. Start to encode
Click “Start Encode” button to start the conversion.

Step5. Find the output video
After the conversion, click the “Folder” button, and you will find the output video. You can transfer it to your device directly.

Tips: If your device is Apple product, you need the iTunes. Refer to How to Sync Video to iPad with iTunes.You can draw inferences about  the transference of other Apple device from this instance.

How to Convert DVD to iPhone on Mac?

This Tutorial shows you how to convert DVD to iPhone video format for playback on iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S on your Mac. DVD to iPad Converter for Mac is actually an all-in-one video converter for almost all popular media players and portable devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, etc. It supports all iPhone models like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S,etc.

For Windows users, please refer to:
How to Convert DVD to iPhone 4S?

Step 1. Load DVD Movie into the iPhone Video Converter

Click the “Open DVD” button to load the DVD movie from your DVD-ROM into the Video Converter for iPhone. All movie clips will be displayed once they are loaded into the video converter. See bellow figure:

Convert DVD to iPhone on Mac

From above video list, you can see all DVD chapter,title, Duration, Size, FPS, etc. Usually the longest video is the main DVD movie you need to rip into iPhone video format.

Step 2. Choose Output Format for iPhone video

Click the “Profile” drop-down list to choose the desired iPhone video format. To convert DVD to iPhone MPEG 4 video on Mac, you can choose the “Apple iPhone” category from the list. Then select iPhone MPEG 4 video from the subcategory. There are several other iPhone video formats for your choice as well, see screen shot as bellow:

iPhone video converter profiles

Step 3. Start Converting DVD to iPhone on Mac

Make changes to the video profile optionally, then hit the “Convert Now” button to start ripping DVD to iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S video format on Mac.

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