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How to make a Christmas ecard with photos?

Christmas this year is around the corner, perhaps you might have acquired loads of Christmas photographs and pictures wish to share with your family and friends. This article shows how to make a Christmas ecard with photos, make Xmas ecards for Xmas 2011.

The following steps will show you how to create your Xmas ecards easily. Before making a Xmas e-Cards, you need to download the Christmas card maker and install on your computer. Here is the Download URLs:

Maker Christmas ecards on Windows PC-Free ecard maker Windows
Make Christmas ecards on Mac -Free ecard maker Mac

make a christmas ecard 2011

After that, you may follow bellow steps to make a Christmas ecard:

Make a Christmas ecard with Photos

1. Start the slideshow maker;
2. Click the ‘Add’ tap to add your digital pictures to the program;
3. Optionally you can go to ‘Transition Effect’ and pick up transition effect for different pictures;
4. Edit images.  You can double click one picture and a ‘Edit Photo window will pop up, where you can add your greetings under the ‘Text’ tab and add Christmas Art clip to photos.

5. Go to the ‘Theme’ tab, click Basic button bellow it, there are several templates designed for Xmas, #38.Merry Christmas, #39. Merry Christmas 1, #52. Christmas 2.
Under the Advanced theme tab, there are several Xmas templates for skilled users as well.
6. Make a music ecards. Please click the ‘Add’ button from the lower section under the Theme tab to add your own music to your eCard. You can also add your favorite music from a CD disc into the ecard.
7. The last step to make a Xmas ecard is to publish and share. Go to the Publish tab from the slideshow maker, choose the first option ‘Create Flash File Only’ to save the Xmas ecard on to your local computer, you can email it to your friends or family later. Or you can publish it to and share with others simply sending the URL link to them.

Like to share your ecards here? You can publish to your website/blogs or publish them to from the ecard maker, then post the link in the comment. If you need help in building a free ecard, feel free to leave us a comment here.

Download the Christmas eCard Maker, make a Christmas ecard with your favorite photos to celebrate 2011 Christmas holiday Now!

Maker Christmas ecards on Windows PC-Free ecard maker Windows
Make Christmas ecards on Mac -Free ecard maker Mac

Create Flash Image Viewers & Album Viewers

Album Viewer

You can find plenty of album viewer templates from Flash Slideshow Maker. To create flash album viewers with the templates is quite easy. Web Album [Simple] flash template that can easily make album viewers. With this template, you can let your album auto play, it can create thumbnails automatically. Viewers can click the thumbnails to navigate through your photo album. This Flash album viewer template is brilliant for showcasing galleries. See bellow figure:

Make Album Viewers

How to Create an Album Viewer?
Step 1. Run Flash Slideshow Maker.
You can get it from if not yet. For Mac users, click here.

Step 2. Import your photo album to the software
Click Photo tab at the top, browse to the directory of your photo albums on your computer then click + Add All button to import the whole album.

Step 3. Choose Web Album [Simple] theme under the Theme tab
Click Theme tab at the top, hit Category to expand the theme list and pick up the theme. Optionally you can click Customize Properties to change the presets such as the size of your album, background color, etc.

Step 4. Export your album viewer
Continue to the Publish tab, you will be prompted to choose where to save your album viewer. Hit “Publish Now” button to complete.

Flash Image Viewer

Dynamic flash image viewers are very popular to demonstrate your product. Web Album Autoviewer is a professional flash template that can make great Flash image viewer for your online stores. If you have a series of products and pictures, why not organized them into a smooth flash show to present to your customers. It is appealing and can bring you higher click through. With this flash image viewer template, you will be able to enable/disable the display of image captions and descriptions. With the transition controls, your site visitors can stop the flash transition any time, they can also click backward or forward buttons to view any slide. If like, they can click to view your product flash show in full screen mode. See bellow figure:

Steps to Create a Flash Image Viewer
It is almost the same as above, you can simply repeat the steps when you create the Album Viewer, just need to pick up Web Album Autoviewer theme under the Theme tab.

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How to Convert Photos to Flash?

This tutorial shows you how to convert photos to Flash. Perhaps you might have acquired loads of photographs and pictures on your travels, journeys during vocations. If you wish to share these valuable images and photos with your family and friends, you may find they are not organized properly for the photo show. You need to sort them out by date or theme into different albums. A smart way to share photos is to turn photos into flash slideshows, decorate photos with flash transition effects, optionally you can add music or audio narrative as well.

How to Convert Photos to Flash?

You can download this photo to flash tool for FREE here. The process of turning photos to Flash show is easy to follow. There will be a 3 step workflow to convert photos into flash with this simple photo to flash maker.

Step 1: Add photos to flash maker

You can batch add photos to the flash software, then rearrange them to specific sequence you prefer.
photo flash maker

Step 2: Choose a flash template to make photos organized

There are lots of cool pre-built flash templates you can choose from. You can create attractive dynamic flash photo albums with them easily. It is just point-and-click convenient to convert photos to flash slideshows.

Step 3: Publish flash photo gallery

The photo flash maker creates stand alone flash photo galleries. You can use the flashing photos in any kinds of personal and/or commercial projects. You can save your flash photos on hard disk, copy or move to flash drive, burn to CD/DVD disk, or upload to your blogs and websites, etc.

Flash photo gallery FAQs:

1.How many photos can I add to the same flash gallery?
–Technically this photo flash maker from socusoft gives you the capability to add unlimited photos. However if you want to put the flash show on the web, it is advisable to make it weight light.
2.Can I add more photos to flash?
–Yes. You can save your photo flash shows as projects with the photo flash maker. You cannot edit a Flash SWF file with this photo flash software, but the project files.
3. Can I use the flash gallery in commercial projects?
–Yes. You can use the flashing photos in any kinds of commercial projects, such as company blogs, e-commerce websites, business presentations, etc.
4 Can I use the photo flash maker for free?
–Yes. However there will be an ads slide at the end of the slideshow on the trial version.
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