Download YouTube Videos with DVD to iPad Converter on Mac

It is a wonderful feature that you can download videos on You Tube with Socusoft DVD to iPad Converter. Take several steps merely, you can achieve this. So that there is no need to always be online to enjoy your favorite videos, you can download them previously and appreciate them in your spare time. I would like to show you how to do with the converter as following.

Step1. Download and install DVD to iPad converter

Step2. Run the converter

Click the “YouTube” button, the interface will be like this:

Step3.Download the video

Input the URL of the video appearing on the YouTube in the “Video Link” box. Then click “Download” button, the video will be downloaded to the DVD to iPad Converter directly and for free.

If you are not so satisfied with the original video, such as the length, the subtitle or the format, you can edit it with the DVD to iPad converter. Once the conversion is completed, you will be able to find them from the output folder of the converter. Then add the videos to iTunes player. Finally, send them to your iPad which is connected to the computer previously.

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