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The Way to Convert Video to Nokia

I have purchased a Nokia cellphone. Since I often watch videos on it, I have to gain some knowledge on how to play some videos that can’t be supported by it. DVD to iPad Converter can convert DVD and video to Nokia. This article would take Nokia N85 as an example to share personal experience of video conversion with others interested in this.
Nokia N85 is a smartphone produced by Nokia. The N85 can work as a camera phone and portable media player, in addition to offering e-mail, web browsing, local Wi-Fi connectivity, text messaging and a built-in GPS receiver, allowing satellite navigation using no external hardware as well. It uses a two-way slider to access either media playback buttons or a numeric keypad.

1.    Install DVD to iPad Converter
Download Website: http://convert-dvd-ipad.com/download.php
2.    Add video to the converter

Launch Socusoft DVD to iPad Converter, click “Add Video” button to import the video ready to be converted. You also can preview the video in the built-in mini player.
3.    Customize output video parameters
(1)Choose the output format

Click ”Profile” box, choose the “Nokia N78/79/85/93 MPEG-4 Video” in the “Nokia” list.
(2)Do some basic edition
I have talked about this in details before, please refer to How to Do Some Basic Video Edition with DVD to iPad Converter.

(3)Choose the output file folder

Click the “Options” button to reset the output file folder for convenience.
4.    Start to convert

Click “Start Encode” button to start the conversion. All the videos will be converted one by one, so there is no need to reset output video parameters once again. It’s very convenient.
5. Find the output video
After the conversion is completed absolutely, click the “Folder” button to find them. You can transfer it to your cellphone directly via USB.

How to Transfer DVD to iTunes

ITunes is a very important media to sync DVD to iPad or other Apple devices. If you have some knowledge about DVD to iPad converter, you will find that how to transfer DVD to iTunes plays a key role during the whole conversion. This guide will show you how to transfer DVD to iTunes with the DVD to iPad converter step by step.

Step1:Download and install iTunes player
Apple’s Official Website: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/?ref=http://itunes.com

Step2:Download and install Socusoft DVD to iPad converter.
Download website: http://convert-dvd-ipad.com/download.php

Step3:Add DVD to the converter

Step 4.Customize output Video Parameters

Step5.Start to convert

Step6. Transfer output video to iTunes

Launch iTunes and Click “File > Add File to Library”, and then find the output file folder to add output video to iTunes library.

Step7:Play the output video
Click “Movies” in LIBRARY section, and you will see the video you just added.

Tips: I just analyzed step3 to 5 in brief. That is the process of conversion. You can refer to How to Watch DVD on iPad. There is a detailed explanation.

Convert MKV to M4V on Mac

Not all videos can be played on Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone, Apple TV. Or we can say that these Apple products can only support some fixed video formats, such as M4V. But what can you do if you would like to enjoy a video with MKV format on some Apple product? Subler is a nice free converter to convert MVK to M4V. It’s very easy to operate. I will explain the entire process of conversion in details.

Step1. Download and install Perian. Because the Subler cannot work without Perian;

Step2. Download and install Subler;

Step3. Import your MKV video resource to Subler;

Step4. Customize Parameters of output files;

Step5. Click ”Save” button to save the M4V file and select a folder in the “where” box.

Then you will see the “saving” progress. There is no need to wait for a long time in spite of the original size of MKV video resource thanks to the converting speed of Subler. Then the output M4V video can be synced through iTunes to the Apple products which can support M4V format.

The only function of Subler is to convert MKV to M4V. If you have videos with other formats, you have to download some other converters to meet your special needs. It’s too troublesome. So you may consider installing a converter which can convert any video resource available to almost all popular formats, such as Apple iPod/iPad/ iPhone, Apple TV, Blackberry, Nokia, FLV, Mobile Phone, AVI Video,MP4 Video and 3GP video, etc. You can download the DVD to iPad Converter for Mac V3.3.1.

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