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Free Way to Rip DVD to iPad on Mac

We have talked about how to convert DVD to iPad with DVD to iPad Converter. But it’s not free. For anybody that doesn’t want to download and pay for a DVD ripper app, there is a much better way to achieve the same results. This article will show you a free way to rip DVD to iPad in general instead of step by step.

Both VLC Media Player and Handbrake are necessary. And the two programs are totally free. VLC is used to play and save the DVD data to a file, and Handbrake can convert it to a compressed video format compatible with iPad.

Before ripping DVD to iPad, you’d better get familiar with the two programs separately. Therefore, this method is fit for those people who have some knowledge of video conversion. There are lots of output video settings, but “H.264 video” and “AAC audio” are the recommended formats in Handbrake.

As seen from the screen grab below, HandBrake is really a capable video encoder. It can support many input video resources, such as the ripped DVD file saved with VLC Player, and convert them to the desired output formats. There are lots of options for video, audio, and even some detailed information such as creating movie chapters. You can customize the output video parameters, e.g. video format (i.e. H.264 Main Profile), quality (i.e. the bit-rate), advanced options like 2-pass encoding.

Apparently, this free method is much more complicated and takes longer time, but it could produce better quality of output video because the two programs have analyzed the source video twice and can make quite appropriate decisions on how to convert it. What’s more, you can take this method to rip CSS encrypted DVDs as well.

After the conversion is completed successfully, you should sync converted video to iPad with iTunes.

As the proverb saying “every coin has two sides”, this method is free, but the conversion is much too complicated. Although it is more convenient to use DVD to iPad Converter, the program is not free. You can choose any method in accordance with personal preference.

Convert MKV to M4V on Mac

Not all videos can be played on Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone, Apple TV. Or we can say that these Apple products can only support some fixed video formats, such as M4V. But what can you do if you would like to enjoy a video with MKV format on some Apple product? Subler is a nice free converter to convert MVK to M4V. It’s very easy to operate. I will explain the entire process of conversion in details.

Step1. Download and install Perian. Because the Subler cannot work without Perian;

Step2. Download and install Subler;

Step3. Import your MKV video resource to Subler;

Step4. Customize Parameters of output files;

Step5. Click ”Save” button to save the M4V file and select a folder in the “where” box.

Then you will see the “saving” progress. There is no need to wait for a long time in spite of the original size of MKV video resource thanks to the converting speed of Subler. Then the output M4V video can be synced through iTunes to the Apple products which can support M4V format.

The only function of Subler is to convert MKV to M4V. If you have videos with other formats, you have to download some other converters to meet your special needs. It’s too troublesome. So you may consider installing a converter which can convert any video resource available to almost all popular formats, such as Apple iPod/iPad/ iPhone, Apple TV, Blackberry, Nokia, FLV, Mobile Phone, AVI Video,MP4 Video and 3GP video, etc. You can download the DVD to iPad Converter for Mac V3.3.1.

Convert Videos Captured with Camcorders to iPad on Mac

Socusoft DVD to iPad converter has been upgraded with the development of digital products. The latest version is DVD to iPad Converter for Mac V3.3.1.The latest version not only can convert ready-made videos, also can convert AVI files captured by ordinary camcorder and AVCHD MTS/M2TS files captured with camcorders like Sony, Canon, Panasonic and so on with high quality. What’s more, the latest version adds output profiles for iPhone 4/4S, iPad2 and the new iPad. These are the outstanding improvements. I would like to focus on the conversion of the captured video on this page. The whole process of this conversion is similar to the conversion of ready-made videos.

I want to emphasize that not all video converters can meet such need to convert AVI files captured by ordinary camcorder. It can be said as a breakthrough for Socusoft. I will show you how to convert videos captured with camcorders to iPad on Mac in details.

Step1. Transfer the videos resource in your camcorder to your Mac;

Step2. Install the DVD to iPad Converter for Mac V3.3.1 or upgrade to the latest version;

Step3. Run the converter, and then Click the “+” button to import the video files into the program;

Step4. Click the “Profile” box, and choose “iPad” in the drop-down list ;

Step5. Choose “iPad H.264 HD Video” as the output format;

Step6. Click the “Start” button to begin the conversion;

Once the conversion is completed, you will be able to find output files from the output folder of the converter. Then import the output files into iTunes library. Finally, transfer the output files to your iPad connected to the computer previously with the sync of iTunes.

Follow the steps above, you can enjoy your videos on your iPad on the go.

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