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How to Make a Photo CD?

Have you ever considered to make a photo CD with your digital photos? It is definitely a creative method to save and share your digital photo albums. There are different CD disc types on the market you can choose according to various intentions.

To be more specific, if you own a DVD player, you might want to burn your photos on to a DVD disc. In such case, you can choose DVD-R/DVD-RW and DVD+R/DVD+RW and DVD-RAM. See the difference of DVD types here http://convert-dvd-ipad.com/dvdipad/dvd-video-size-recording/

Other than making photo DVDs, you might want to burn photos to CDs, such as Video CD 2.0 (VCD 2.0) Still Images Disc, SVCD video Disc or even Blu-ray disc, depending on the players you own.

You can play the photo CDs on CD or DVD players and watch them on TV big screen. You can also print out your favorite photos saved on the CD disc any time you want. As a video CD is able to store image files for many years.

Things You Will Need to Make a Photo CD


A good photo CD software is required in order to burn digital photo albums to a CD. You can download DVD Photo Slideshow Professional from http://www.dvd-photo-slideshow.com/dps_install.exe.

Besides you will need a writable CD disc and CD burner.

How to Make a Photo CD with Music?


You can follow bellow steps:

1.  Run the photo CD maker.
You will see the three tabs at the top once the program launches, 1.Organize Photos, 2.Choose Menus, 3.Burn Disc. See the figure as below:

photo CD maker

2.  On the left-top panel, it is the built-in file explorer. You can browse to your photo albums saved on your hard disk and import them to the photo CD software. Optionally you can drag and drop digital photos to the Album Photo list pane. see the figure as below:

Photo CD software


Note: If you like to separate photos into different albums on the same CD, click New button on the left to create a new photo album.

3.  A CD play menu and template can be very helpful when you have different photo albums on the same CD.  Socusoft DVD Photo Slideshow provides many customized menu templates for your choice. You can click 2.Choose Menus, then select from the right panel. see the figure as below:

Photo CD menu


You can find many other useful features under the lower section of this window, such as Background Music, Background Images, Text Edit, Menu Navigator and photo cd slideshow preview. You can make the most of this photo cd software by applying these features in your photo CDs.

4.  Click 3.Burn Disc tab to open the photo CD burning window, as bellow:

make photo CD

You can click to expand the output format category, then click the “Burn Now!” button to burn your photo slideshows to the CD-R or CD-RW disc.

Now you know how to burn photo albums to CDs for big screen TV!

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