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How to enjoy Music Video on Apple TV

If you have a favorite music video, and would like to share it with your family members on Apple TV, what could you do? DVD to iPad Converter can realize such a dream. This article will show you how to enjoy MV on Apple TV.
1. Download and install DVD to iPad Converter
Download Website: http://convert-dvd-ipad.com/download.php

2. Add video to the converter

Run Socusoft DVD to iPad Converter, click “Add Video” button to import the music video. You also can preview the video in the built-in mini player.

3. Reset output wav audio parameters

(1)Choose the output format

Choose an appropriate format in the “Apple TV” list. There is a brief description about the output format: MPEG-4 video profile optimized for Apple TV. That’s why some MP4 videos are still incompatible with Apple products.

(2)Do some basic edition
I have talked about this in details already, so please refer to How to Do Some Basic Video Edition with DVD to iPad Converter.

(3)Choose the output file folder
Click the “Options” button to choose an appropriate output file folder.

4. Start to convert
Click “Start Encode” button to start the conversion. All the videos will be converted one by one, so there is no need to reset output video parameters once again.

5. Find the output video
After the conversion is completed successfully, click the “Folder” button to find them. Then transfer them to Apple TV.

How to Share Youtube Videos on Website and Blog

Do you have a favorite Youtube video? Would you like to share it with others on your website or blog. On the other hand, videos can draw more attention of others. This article will show you how to share Youtube videos on website and blog in details, taking the video named “Scenes of Maine Fall” as an example.

Step1. Click the “Share” button

Click the “Share” button, you will see the HTML code of the video as shown above.

Step2. Click the “Embed” button

Click the “Embed” button, all the HTML code in that field will be highlighted. Then you can choose the appropriate width and height of the video to be embedded. Or you can input the width and height according to your requirement.

Step3. Copy the highlighted code
Right mouse click in the code field and select “Copy “from the drop-down list shown as the following.

Step4. Paste the code
Open the source code of your web page or blog, and use a tool such as NotetabPro or Expression Web, paste it into your page. The embed code will be thusly deposited into your web page or blog. Save the page, upload it to your web server using an FTP client, and view it in your browser!

According to the above step-by-step guide, you just need three clicks and one paste to finish the whole process.

Tips: If you would like to download the video, you can use DVD to iPad converter which is a free Youtube video downloader as well. Just refer to how to download Youtube videos.

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