How to Watch DVD on iPad ?

It is well known that the Apple iPad can merely play the MPEG-4 format video. But it is difficult to ensure every video we like is exactly with the right format. What’s more, there isn’t a DVD drive on iPad, so we cannot enjoy our favorite DVD directly. Is there any solution to enjoy whatever we like without paying much money? Fortunately, DVD to iPad Converter comes out to solve this problem.

DVD to iPad Converter is designed for Apple iPad owners sespecially .We can rip DVD (including protected DVD) to videos with it, so that we can enjoy our DVD on iPad on the go. What’s more, we can trim the video length, crop the video, change the subtitle to our own languages, etc.

This DVD to iPad converter from Socusoft can convert any available video resource to iPad format with very high quality. It comes with a built-in mini media player which permits us to view the content immediately after a DVD disk is inserted into the DVD-ROM in the computer.

A marvelous feature is that we can download videos on YouTube through this converter.I will show how to achieve this. Click the “YouTube”
button, and then input the web site address of the video we are interested in which appeares on the YouTube. The video can be downloaded to the Converter directly and without paying money. Follow the steps mentioned below to convert and save the video to our iPad. So that we can enjoy those videos whenever we are in spare time or wherever it is not convenient to surf the internet.

How to use this Converter

Step 1. Install the DVD to iPad Converter

Step 2. Open DVD in the Converter

How to convert DVD to the Apple iPad step 2

Run the Socusoft DVD to iPad Converter, click “Open DVD “button to import DVD video to the Converter from the DVD drive in the computer.

Step 3.Customize parameters of the output video

How to convert DVD to the Apple iPad step 3

Simply leave the profile as the default setting “iPad MPEG-4 Movie
(*.mp4)”. Optionally we can optimize the presets for iPad video with advanced codec settings to suit our special needs.

Step 4. Start the conversion

Click “Convert Now” button to start converting the files to “iPad MPEG-4 Movie (*.mp4)” format.

After the conversion is completed, we can find them in the output folder of the iPad video converter. Then add the videos to iTunes player. at last, send them to our iPad which has been connected to the computer previously.

This DVD to iPad Converter can convert a video to almost all popular video formats with high quality, such as the Apple iPod/iPad, Apple iPhone, Apple TV, Blackberry, Nokia, FLV, Mobile Phone, AVI Video,MP4 Video and 3GP video, etc.

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