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YouTube videos is a very important part of iPhone entertainment. To watch YouTube video on iPhone 4S, you do not have to download YouTube videos on to your iPhone or convert YouTube videos (FLV) to iPhone 4S compatible video format. In case you like to do so, there are some video tools can help you, one of the notable ones is Socusoft DVD to iPad Converter, which works perfect for iPhone serials including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S.

How to watch Youtube videos on iPhone 4S?

You can use Youtube iPhone 4S app to watch YouTube videos, the built-in YouTube App for iPhone 4S on the iOS 5 system. YouTube on iPhone 4S app is very easy to use. Simply login to your YouTube account and get your favorite videos. With the built-in Youtube iPhone 4S App, you can watch youtube videos on iphone 4s including TV shows, movies, music videos, etc. Other than that, you can upload videos from your iPhone 4S directly to YouTube. Videos in the Photos app can be sent to YouTube. Some YouTube features require a YouTube account. To set up an account, go to
YouTube on iPhone 4S - use YouTube app for iPhone 4S to watch Youtube videos

How to use YouTube app for iPhone 4S?

With YouTube on iPhone 4S app, you can browse to any Youtube videos and tap a video to play it, you can also tap Search at the bottom of the Youtube App for iPhone screen to search for videos about topics of interest. If you want more related videos, just tap the next to any video in a list.

It is convenient for you to track videos you like on iPhone 4S. You can add a video to your list of favorites or add video to a playlist. You can see more videos submitted by the same account and subscribe to an account you like.

Should you like to share videos, just tap the next icon and tap Share Video, or if you’re watching the video, just tap the mail icon to email a link to a YouTube video to your friends right on your iPhone 4S.

You can comment and rate on Youtube videos from your iPhone 4S as well. On the More info screen, tap“Rate, Comment, or Flag,” then choose “Rate or Comment.”

If you have a YouTube account, you can send videos directly to YouTube from your iPhone 4S.

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