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How to embed Flash file in Microsoft Publisher?

You can insert a Flash animations into Microsoft Publisher in a similar way to many other HTML editors via HTML Code Fragment object in MS Publisher.

To liven up a website designed in Publisher, you can add objects such as images, hyperlinks, flash, slideshows or scripts to the website by inserting tags with HTML code fragments into the application.

First of all make sure you save the animation to the same directory as where you store the HTML files of your web site. If the flash slideshow can’t load in browsers, most likely you did not have the correct filename of the SWF file or the correct path to it in the embed code. It happens when you put the SWF file and you web page in different directories.

  1. Download Flash Slideshow Maker, create your flash SWF with digital photos
  2. Copy or move the flash show from the output folder to your website directory where you save your Publisher web pages.
  3. Start MS Publisher, open the Publisher file in the Publisher application by clicking "File," "Open," and navigating to the file to which you want to add the HTML code.
  4. Click "Insert", then select "HTML Code Fragment."
  5. Copy the embed code created by the Flash Maker, paste in to the dialog box where it says "Insert your HTML here" and click "OK."
  6. Save and publish to web.

You can get the Flash maker here .

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