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If you create an flash slide or animated graphic that was made with Flash Slideshow Maker ® or Adobe Flash®, you can insert the Flash file into your PowerPoint presentation. Anyone can then play the flash slideshow on any computer that has the Adobe Flash Player installed. It can make your PPT presentation stands out, and it is easy to accomplish as well.

Basically you need to add an ActiveX control to the PowerPoint slide and create a link from it to the Flash file.

Things you will need:

  • MS PowerPoint software
  • Flash file(a Shockwave® file with .swf file extension)

Steps to Add Flash to PowerPoint 2007 & PowerPoint 2010 ?

 Important : Make sure that the developer tab in the ribbon has been enabled. If not follow bellow simple steps:

How to Enable Developer tab of the Ribbon?

PowerPoint 2007

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click PowerPoint Options.

2. Click Popular, and then click to select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box under Top options for working with PowerPoint, and then click OK.


PowerPoint 2010

1. Click File, and then click Options.

2. Click Customize Ribbon, and then check the check box labeled Developer in the right list, and then click OK.


Then follow these steps to add Flash object to PowerPoint Presentation:

 Step 1: On the Developer tab, click More add Flash to PowerPointControls in the Controls group.

Step 2: In the list of controls, click Shockwave Flash Object, click OK, and then drag on the slide to draw the control.


Step 3: Resize the control by dragging the sizing handles.


Step 4: Right-click the Shockwave Flash Object, and then click Properties.


Step 5: On the Alphabetic tab, click the Movie property.

In the value column, type the full drive path to the flash SWF file, including the file name (for example, C\:flash-show\sample.swf) or URL to the Flash file on remote server, say http://convert-dvd-ipad.com/img/media/slideshow.swf.


Step 6: Close the Properties window and save your presentation. You can click Slide Show or press F5 to preview your presentation.















Note: If you publish the SWF file to your web hosting, you will need internet access in order to play the Flash in PowerPoint presentation.


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